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De Jager Detachering

De Jager Detachering

De Jager Detachering has been a reliable partner for providing agency workers in the South west of the Netherlands for over a decade. In 2004, De Jager Detachering was founded as a family business and has now expanded into a professional organisation.

Our agency workers are employed at a large number of companies in various areas, including the agricultural sector, fruit farming, the shellfish industry, fish processing, the metal industry and the recycling industry. We work according to our core values of reliability, flexibility, speed and loyalty.

De Jager Detachering's mission

We are a trustworthy and reliable parter for matching flexible workers to clients in our region. We meet the demand for temporary workers with motivated European personnel. We do this by:

  • Providing skilled, motivated and engaged agency workers.
  • Offering agency workers good employment conditions, working conditions, and accommodation.
  • Making clear agreements, so both the client and the agency worker know where they stand. We always endeavour to align the interests of the client and the employee.
  • Offering excellent service to the client and the agency worker.

De Jager Detachering's vision

We aim to be a leading partner in our region for the provision of (temporary) workers through the employment of European personnel. We achieve this by:

  • Continually investing in the quality of the relationship with our customers (the employers) and the quality of our agency workers (our ambassadors).
  • Working in a respectful and service-oriented way, which means providing greater clarity than required by laws and regulations.
  • Quickly responding to new changes in the labour market, legislation, society and technology.
  • Being a good employer by stimulating the development of our employees and ensuring that they have pleasant, safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Ensuring that quality and price are always balanced.


De Jager Detachering works exclusively in compliance with the applicable norms:

  • We are NEN4400-1 and SNF certified.
  • We are a member of the ABU (Federation of Private Employment Agencies).

 In short: Reliable and flexible, that is De Jager Detachering in a nutshell.

ABU wil A-1-verloning voor eigen leden kunnen verbieden

Wat is A1-verloning? Laten we het gemakshalve de A1 noemen: de snelweg naar goedkoop, goedkoper, goedkoopst inhuren van uitzendarbeid. Uitzendkrachten zijn dan niet langer werkzaam via een in Nederland gevestigd uitzendbureau, maar via een in het buitenland gevestigde uitzender onder het buitenlandse recht. Ze werken in Nederland in het kader van het vrij verkeer van diensten.

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ABU en NBBU: werk- en inkomenszekerheid uitzendkrachten én gelijk speelveld

De uitzendkoepels ABU en NBBU zetten in op meer werk- en inkomenszekerheid voor uitzendkrachten én een gelijk speelveld bij de start van de onderhandelingen met de vakbonden over een nieuwe cao voor uitzendkrachten.

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Uitzendbranche aanjager van herstel zakelijke dienstverlening

“We verwachten dat de uitzendbranche de aanjager zal zijn van herstel van de zakelijke dienstverlening als geheel,” zegt Ingrid Laane, sector econoom Zakelijke Dienstverlening ABN AMRO.

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