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De Jager Detachering

Why De Jager Detachering?

Many sectors and clients are seasonal and experience peak periods. With motivated agency workers, we ensure that you can guarantee continuity and deliveries. We can also help you with your long-term needs by recruiting motivated employees.

We have a database of motivated employees from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. If desired, we can provide the agency workers with accommodation and transportation to and from work. De Jager Detachering helps you find skilled employees.

We possess the necessary certifications such as NEN4400-1 and SNF - you can find them in our downloads. We are also a member of the ABU (Federation of Private Employment Agencies).


We search for the right employees for each job. We also guide the entire process from recruitment and selection, to invoicing and remuneration.

Recruitment & selection

Our clients are usually looking for effective, motivated staff. We want to take this task off their hands. We select the right employees from our extensive database of agency workers. We also use our contacts throughout Europe to recruit new employees.


In addition to the recruitment and selection of employees, we also take care of personnel administration, the payment of salaries to a Dutch or foreign bank account, and make agreements regarding working hours. Our clients can also use the G account (a blocked account for making payroll tax payments).

Accommodation and transportation

If desired, we can also provide the employees with accommodation in the Netherlands. We have various housing locations and types of accommodation available. We can also arrange transportation to and from work. We have many different company cars and buses available.


De Jager Detachering has extensive experience in employing motivated employees in a diverse range of sectors. This work primarily consists of sorting/packing products and cleaning or harvesting work.

Below is an overview of the sectors in which our employees have worked.

Farming, horticulture and fruit farming:

  • Onion industry
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit and vegetable industry
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Fruit farming
  • (Tree) nurseries

Shellfish industry and fish processing:

  • Processing shellfish
  • Processing fish

Metal industry:

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Metal processing

Other sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Canning industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Recycling
  • Civil and hydraulic engineering
  • Road haulage
  • Hospitality

Is your sector not listed? Contact us for no-obligation advice regarding your specific situation.

'Huisvesting van arbeids migranten is niet sexy'

Beddentekort Onlangs adviseerde een commissie het kabinet om voor alle arbeidsmigranten een eigen kamer te regelen. Maar in Nederland is al een tekort van 120.000 bedden voor arbeidsmigranten. Hoe komt dat en wat is de oplossing?

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Verhoging minimumloon en verhoging “cao-beloning allocatiegroep” per 1 juli 2020

Minimumloon: Per 1 juli 2020 zullen de minimumlonen verhoogd worden. Het wettelijk minimumloon voor volwassenen zal per die datum zijn: € 1.680,00 per maand, € 387,70 per week of, indien een andere tijdsduur is overeengekomen: € 77,54 per werkdag. Tegelijkertijd zal ook het wettelijk minimumjeugdloon verhoogd worden.

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Adviezen Aanjaagteam arbeidsmigranten passen in kwaliteitsaanpak ABU

Afgelopen donderdag maakte het Aanjaagteam bescherming arbeidsmigranten o.l.v. Emile Roemer zijn eerste aanbevelingen openbaar. Veel van die adviezen passen in de kwaliteitsaanpak van de ABU. De ABU vindt het belangrijk dat Roemer de malafiditeit in de branche wil bestrijden en dat hij het huisvestingstekort hoog op de agenda zet. De ABU is positief over de voortvarendheid van Roemer. Arbeidsmigranten zijn belangrijk voor Nederland en ze hebben net als iedereen in Nederland recht op goede woon-, werk-, en vervoersomstandigheden.

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