You will receive
a fair wage

Needless to say, you also appreciate a fair wage. At De Jager Detachering, we understand this like no other, which is why we make sure that you, as an employee of ours, always get what you are entitled to. Whether you work in the food industry or metal industry, you will be rewarded according to your worth.


At De Jager Detachering, we understand that a fair wage is important for our employees. We therefore ensure that you always get what you are entitled to, no matter what sector you work in. 

What you need to know before working for us

It is important to note that you need to have a personal bank account in euros. In addition, we do not provide advances. Wages are paid every four weeks.

Accommodation, transport and insurance

At De Jager Detachering, we don’t want our employees to have to worry about accommodation, transport or healthcare insurance. We therefore offer these facilities at a reduced rate.


There are plenty of opportunities available in various sectors in the region, such as in agriculture and horticulture, fruit farming, fruit and vegetable processing, fish processing, the metal industry and recycling. Jobs include sorting, packing, cleaning and harvesting.





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