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Solid and flexible, that is
De Jager Detachering in a nutshell

At De Jager Detachering, we make sure you soon feel at home at your new destination. We provide safe accommodation and also offer information on social activities. We also take care of all administrative tasks so that you can focus on your work and your new life. Start your adventure at De Jager Detachering today


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Welcome to De Jager Detachering

We are here for you, as our employee, and we want you to feel at home with us. When you work for De Jager Detachering, you can rely on good employment conditions and a personal approach. We want to help you develop further and give your career a boost.

Read all about our benefits and opportunities below to see how we can make your work experience even better. Click on the buttons to find out more about our sectors, salaries, accommodation and more.


There are plenty of opportunities available in various sectors in the region, such as in agriculture and horticulture, fruit farming, fruit and vegetable processing, fish processing, the metal industry and recycling. Jobs include sorting, packing, cleaning and harvesting.





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Reliable and flexible, that is De Jager Detachering in a nutshell

In 2004, De Jager Detachering was founded as a family business and has now expanded into a professional organisation. Our employees are placed with a large number of companies in various areas, including the agricultural sector, fruit farming, the shellfish industry, fish processing, the metal industry and the recycling industry. We work in accordance with our core values of reliability and flexibility.

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