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De Jager Detachering


Agency workers in the south west of the Netherlands

For De Jager Detachering, the core values of reliability, flexibility, speed and loyalty are central to the way we do business, and we always aim to find the most successful form of collaboration as your dependable partner for flexible workers. We specialise in the recruitment and selection of agency workers and temporary workers, such as seasonal staff.

Skilled agency workers

We recruit and select motivated workers from all over Europe. Most of the workers are employed in the South west of the Netherlands. Ensuring transparency and effectiveness for the client and the employee is of the utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to fulfilling the demand for workers in the labour market.

In this region, there is a great deal of work in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, e.g. at fruit farms, and for the processing of onions and other fruit and vegetables. We also offer jobs in the metal industry, the recycling industry, and processing fish or shellfish. This work primarily consists of sorting/packing products and cleaning or harvesting work.

Good employment conditions, such as a full implementation of the client's collective labour agreement/terms of employment, are essential. It is also important that the employee feels at home as quickly as possible and, if necessary, is given good accommodation and transportation. This accommodation is located at our own sites and, at the very least, adheres to SNF certification requirements. This means the employees always have a stable living situation.

17-11-2022 Verhoging minimumloon en verhoging cao-beloning allocatiegroep per 1 januari 2023

Per 1 januari 2023 gaan de minimumlonen omhoog. Het wettelijk minimumloon voor volwassenen wordt per die datum: € 1.934,40 per maand, € 446,40 per week. Of, als een andere tijdsduur is overeengekomen: € 89,28 per werkdag. Tegelijkertijd wordt het wettelijk minimumjeugdloon verhoogd.

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11-11-2022 Roemeense vertaling cao in cao-app en als pdf

De CAO voor Uitzendkrachten is nu ook in het Roemeens beschikbaar. Download de pdf op de cao-pagina. Ook in de cao-app is de Roemeense tekst opgenomen.

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07-11-2022 Verkorting fase A en fase B per 2 januari en aanpassingen cao

In het SER-MLT advies is opgenomen dat de flexibele periode voor uitzendovereenkomsten verkort moest worden. In november 2021 hebben cao-partijen, in lijn met deze afspraak, de verkorting van fase A en fase B afgesproken en opgenomen in de cao.

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