You can communicate
in your own language

At De Jager Detachering, you can communicate in your own language so that you feel at home while you work in the Netherlands. Everything is tailored by language to ensure that communication runs smoothly.


At De Jager Detachering, we think it is important that you feel comfortable while working in the Netherlands. That is why you can communicate with us in your native language, so that you not only feel understood, but can also clearly understand all the information and instructions. This ensures smooth and efficient communication between you and our team.

Multilingual communication at De Jager Detachering

Our staff are trained to communicate in various languages, which means that we can adapt to your preferred language. You won’t have to worry about any language barriers and can fully focus on your work.

Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, Polish or another language, at De Jager Detachering we will make sure that you feel at home and receive all the information you need in relation to your job.


There are plenty of opportunities available in various sectors in the region, such as in agriculture and horticulture, fruit farming, fruit and vegetable processing, fish processing, the metal industry and recycling. Jobs include sorting, packing, cleaning and harvesting.





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